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Is geopolitical uncertainty on the rise?

Financial Times, by Lucy Hornby & Jonathan Soble, April 21, 2014

A Chinese court has seized a Japanese ship over claims related to the second world war as tensions between the two countries spilled into the realm of commerce . . . Read more...

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Choose from the wide range of world-class, investment-quality gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion and bullion coins available.

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Monex offers a number of ways to purchase your investments; outright cash purchase, secure storage, Atlas Account financing and metals trading. Minimum investment requirements may apply.

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Why invest in precious metals? Why invest with Monex? Why now? Solid reasons to do business with Monex.

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FREE DVD Featuring the Experts' Views on Gold

This fascinating hour-long DVD program Why Gold? Why Now? features more than a dozen financial experts, including well-respected economists, market advisors and commentators, best-selling authors and even a former presidential candidate who explore the looming economic crisis and share their forecasts and recommendations.

Introducing Monex Bullion Investor™ iPhone Application

Monex Bullion Investor

Investors gain live bullion and coin prices, along with important market indicators, indexes, insights, charts, and ratios for gold, silver, platinum, palladium and oil. A market summary Dashboard, your Favorites and price Alerts may be personalized by you to your individual preference.

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AFTERSHOCK Update DVD Featuring Bob Wiedemer

AFTERSHOCK Update DVD Featuring Bob Wiedemer

New DVD now available featuring Robert A. Wiedemer, co-author of the new Wall Street Journal bestseller, The Aftershock Investor. In this series of interviews, Bob updates his views on the state of the US and world economies, the potential impact of ongoing economic stimulus, and what investments are likely to do well (and not so well) . . . AND . . . offers some startling new forecasts and recommendations. Includes special offer for a FREE copy of The Aftershock Investor. .

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