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The Monex Precious Metals IRA:
Strength and Security for Your
Retirement Portfolio

Precious Metals IRA Products

Having an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is one of the best ways to save for retirement. While many financial institutions offer IRAs, Monex Deposit Company has gone one step further by enabling you to add the power of precious metals to your IRA investments . . . AND . . . offer you a degree of flexibility and peace of mind simply unavailable elsewhere.

A precious metal IRA is exactly like a regular IRA, with one major difference. Most IRAs do not offer the opportunity to invest directly in physical precious metals, safely and securely stored in a registered and insured depository. Precious metals IRAs from Monex overcome this limitation by enabling you to use retirement assets to invest in gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion and bullion coins whenever you choose. In addition, precious metal IRAs from Monex offer you the opportunity to choose between a number of different IRA custodians and depository storage alternatives, depending on your unique situation and needs.

With Monex, you can open and fund a brand new Precious Metal IRA account . . . or transfer or rollover funds from an existing IRA account into a Monex Precious Metals IRA account. Precious metals may also be placed in a Roth IRA, and you should consult with your tax advisor as to whether a standard IRA or a Roth IRA is better suited to you.

Your Monex Account Representative can help you determine . . . what types of precious metals can be bought and sold in your IRA . . . which IRA custodian best suits your unique retirement needs . . . and which depository offers you the location, security and flexibility you require.

Account Representatives now available 1-800-444-8317

Your retirement funds are critical to your retirement future, and your Monex Account Representative will be happy to discuss how your unique needs can be addressed with a personalized and very flexible Monex Precious Metals IRA. A short phone call is all it takes to get started!

Compelling Reasons Why Everyone
Should Consider An IRA:

  1. A regular, disciplined investment program is the surest path to financial security.
  2. An IRA lets you invest PRE-Tax, undiluted funds, if you qualify. Your money goes much further. Roth IRAs are also available.
  3. All earnings accumulate tax-free over the life of the IRA.
  4. Taxes are deferred from your high-income, high-bracket earning years to your lower-bracket retirement years.
  5. An IRA provides you with the widest choice of investments for your pre-tax retirement dollars.
  6. You can invest retirement funds in a ''Real Asset'' like gold bullion and bullion coins with substantial intrinsic value. You are not limited to "paper assets" as in many retirement plans.
  7. In an IRA, you have the flexibility to dollar-cost-average, simply accumulate, or trade in and out of investments, deferring all taxes on gains.
  8. Virtually everyone with wage or self-employment income can open an IRA.

Setting Up Your Precious Metals IRA with Monex

Establishing a new precious metal IRA account with Monex can be a relatively easy, painless and even enjoyable process. Your Monex Account Representative, along with our in-house IRA administrative specialists, will guide you step-by-step through the important procedures necessary to properly set up your precious metal IRA account(s), including selecting the Custodian(s) . . . completing the required paperwork . . . funding your account(s) . . . and deciding when and how to buy and sell the physical precious metals in your IRA account(s).

Once your Monex Precious Metals IRA account has been established and funded, YOU decide when to purchase and what types and quantities of precious metals you wish to have purchased. This is easily accomplished for your convenience, through Monex Deposit Company, by your directions to the IRA Custodian you have selected. Sales of the precious metals bullion and bullion coins in your IRA account may be similarly accomplished. Profits accrue on a tax-deferred basis in your Monex Precious Metals IRA accounts.

Precious Metals IRA Products from Monex

You May Have Questions . . . And Monex Has The Answers

Chances are, you may have a number of questions as to the "Who/What/Where/When/Why" and How of setting up your Monex Precious Metals IRA accounts, for example:

  • Who can (and should) open a Precious Metal IRA account?
  • What is the difference between a new IRA account and a transfer or rollover IRA account?
  • What types of precious metals can (and cannot) be included in Precious Metals IRAs?
  • Where are the precious metals in your IRA account physically stored?
  • Are the precious metals in your IRA insured?
  • What are the age requirements for opening a Precious Metal IRA . . . and when must you begin to take required minimum withdrawals from your account?

The right answers to these questions depend on your unique situation. Your Monex Account Representative will be happy to explore your situation and needs and answer these and other questions you may have about opening and maintaining your Precious Metal IRA account.

Please give us a call . . . we are here to make the Precious Metals IRA process as easy as possible for you.

Additional Information:

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