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Are at least 75% of Americans still not adequately invested in gold and silver?

*Bloomberg, by John Brinsley, May 15, 2008

“Americans want Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to act to stop the dollar’s decline, which has stoked the inflation eroding their household incomes.

A Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times poll found that 76 percent of Americans think the government should do something to halt the falling dollar. Among those with incomes of $100,000 or more, seven in 10 favored aiding the currency, putting pressure on Paulson, who’s charged with setting the policy, to match his ‘strong dollar’ rhetoric with action.

The U.S. currency has slumped 41 percent against the euro since 2002 and 13 percent in the past 12 months alone. That has contributed to a surge in energy and commodity prices to record levels, and prompted central banks to reduce their share of foreign exchange reserves in dollars.”

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