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Service Excellence

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MDC acts as a principal, establishing buy and sell prices during our customary 11-hour trading day. We open our trade desk at 5:30 am and close at 4:30 pm Pacific Time, so customers from the East Coast to the West Coast, as well as Hawaii and Alaska, can transact business at convenient hours. We are able to offer such extended market hours because of our communications and connections with the major markets in Zurich, London, New York, Chicago, and Hong Kong. Our ability to trade in world wholesale markets provides the Monex companies with the opportunity to offer competitive retail prices to our customers. We invite you to compare our prices to those of other firms.

Our sophisticated electronic telephone system can process thousands of incoming toll-free calls each day. Once you're working with a Monex Account Representative, you will be able to bypass the main switchboard and connect directly with your Account Representative's desk. Orders are executed and confirmed while you are on the line. Trade confirmations are prepared and sent to you by the next business day. Leading edge, high tech equipment allows us to efficiently process millions of dollars in transactions each trading day.

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Commitment to Service

Monex is committed to customer service. We are continually developing new policies, procedures and products to satisfy our customers' needs...and to maintain our long-held reputation as America's Trusted Name in Precious Metals Investments. We invite you to contact us at your earliest opportunity and give our service a try.

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