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Why do you continue to advocate gold as such a strong investment for both wealth protection and profit opportunity?

Robert Wiedemer

Aftershock Investor
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Video Transcript

I'll tell you when I really do love in a crisis. That's probably one reason it's been such a stored value for centuries; is it works very, very well in a crisis, as both a stored value but also as a great investment. That's one reason I like gold now is because, yeah I don't think 2008 was the last crisis or 2000 was the last crisis, I think we're in for a much bigger one. We're building a much bigger one, because we never really saw what fundamentally caused the crisis in 2008. So you're building a bigger crisis and again what did I say? What do I like in a crisis? Gold.

I love gold in a financial crisis. That's when it performs best, but that's why it's been a stored value for so long too because it carries it's value through financial crisis when other investments don't.