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Considering today's economic environment, what do you feel is the best short-term trading opportunity in the precious metals?

Robert Wiedemer

Aftershock Investor
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Video Transcript

I've often said, "Without money printing, the stock market will go down," and right now, we're not printing money. So, I think the stock market will go down. That opens up a very interesting trading opportunity for especially silver. Possibly gold, but especially silver it opens up a short-term trading opportunity, because when that market goes down I think we'll see precious metals go up, especially silver which tends to have a higher beta--tends to go up faster.

The Feds not printing money right now and what does that mean? Stock market will go down. I think, when the stock market goes down, what we've seen certainly in the last 6 to 12 months, there will be a tendency for precious metals to go up. Why is it a shorter-term opportunity? Because I think that when the stock market goes down enough, let's say 15%, the Fed will print money to try to push the stock market back up and that will probably have a negative effect on precious metals. It's more like the fear level goes down when the stock market goes up. Fear level goes up when the stock market goes down. So, I think it's a very good short-term trading opportunity for silver coming up.