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How do you compare the economic cheerleaders in the mainstream media with the situation surrounding Lance Armstrong?

Robert Wiedemer

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Video Transcript

Everybody wants this lie to continue. They really do. Everybody's benefitting and that's sort of what the economy is like right now. We're all living a lie because really we're all benefitting. There isn't anybody who isn't benefitting to some degree. Now, some are benefitting a whole lot more than others, yes, but we're all benefitting to some degree, because if this pops, as I say it easily could or will, that's going to be a problem for everybody. So, cheerleading isn't necessarily... cheerleading the current economy and playing down the risks I'm talking about to the economy isn't necessarily something that's a media cabal or is being organized by somebody, we all kind of know our part in that. Just like everybody knows... Why criticize Lance? It doesn't help anyone. Why point out the truth as it was, until it was finally too obvious and Lance had to admit it? The same thing is true with our current economy. Nobody wants to criticize or point out, I shouldn't say nobody, but few people do and those few people who do are often ignored, but few people want to point out the realities of what we're in, because the realities are painful.

It means the myth of Lance Armstrong is not going to be there any more. Everything we looked up to, everything we liked in it… is gone, and really nobody wants to see that go, very much including myself. You know, I'm a boy scout, I grew up in this country, Eagle Scout, I don't want to see this happen, but at the same time, I don't want to deny what's going on because I think one of the strengths of our country is that we are ... can openly talk about things, we don't deny reality as it happens in so many countries, we do talk about it. I think that will be our strength and I think that's why I'm so optimistic about getting through this crisis and ultimately doing far better in the future. I wish we would change more now, rather than sort of hit the wall and be forced to change, but either way there's a lot of strength in this country and I'm very, very optimistic about it. In fact it means, that I want to point out the realities of what we've got now and I understand why the cheerleading, so to speak can be so strong even if it's not organized or whatever, is we all kind of know this part, we all kind of know what we want to happen and what we don't want to happen. I absolutely understand that, but it doesn't mean that's reality; it isn't.