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More and more investors are concerned about what you've called the "fake recover." What do you mean by that?

Robert Wiedemer

Aftershock Investor
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Video Transcript

Just to show you what I mean by the recovery is 100% simple example. This year, coming into this 2015, we're probably going to actually borrow more money. We meaning the U.S. Federal Government will borrow more money than our entire economy will grow. That's a truly stunning statement. You don't hear that talked about on the TV or even newspapers very often, but that's a lot. What you hear is the good we're borrowing less that what we used to. Okay, it used to be an outrageous amount, now it's absolutely an unbelievable amount. The bottom line is the growth you're seeing is not real growth. I mean, if you're still borrowing more money than actually...the whole economy is growing, that's not a growing economy. That's not what we saw in the '50s. That's not what we saw in the '60s. It's a very different world right now.

"Fake recovery" doesn't mean, "Well we faked them out, I still got the money, right Bob?" No, a fake recovery means it will fail. So you need to take your "fake recovery" gains, ultimately, and save them, and put them in something that won't fail, because stocks will fail with the Fed. Gold will not fail with the Fed. So that's an important thing to keep in mind. A "fake recovery" doesn't mean that all is good; we've faked them out somehow. It means that it will fail. Be prepared.