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How will gold perform during the "Aftershock?"

Robert Wiedemer

Aftershock Book

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Video Transcript

One of the most interesting things that I run into when I'm talking about gold is somebody always comes up to me after a presentation and says, "You know Bob, I sure wish I would have read your book earlier. Gold's up hundreds of dollars since then and I missed the boat. I'm so sorry. You're such a smart guy. I should have done it earlier." I go, "Read the book again. The fundamentals driving up gold then are still driving up gold now. You haven't missed anything. Well, you missed a little bit, but the run is still to come. In fact, I would say the years in the past are far, far, less supportive of gold rising than what's about to come in the future."

That's really what we mean about the "Aftershock." When the "Aftershock" kicks in, inflation starts to kick in, we start having more problems with government debt; that's when gold really starts to take off. In fact, people ask, "What's your target price for gold?" In the book, we say, "We're not going to put our target price in there, because we'd lose credibility" It's true. I think it's going to go up a lot. Not going to say exactly how much, because I think we'd lose credibility. I think it's going to go up an awful lot. No worries, any time you invest in it right now, I think you're going to be in good shape 2 or 3 years from now and even well beyond then.

Related quote from his book:

"Instability in Asian and Middle Eastern economies will encourage investors in those countries to buy a lot more gold, further accelerating the rising gold bubble. Yes, gold is another bubble on the ascent, and eventually it, too, will fall. But that is a very long way off and, in the meantime, you might as well learn how to profit from its coming meteoric rise." (AFTERSHOCK, page 109)