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In your best selling books, you warn investors of an upcoming “Aftershock” – much more serious that the economic downturn several years ago. What do you see as the key early warning signs of the next economic event?

Robert Wiedemer

Aftershock Investor Book
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Video Transcript

Well, we talk about what might kick off the "Aftershock" or what would be a sign that it's about to come? A rapid increase in the price of gold would certainly be one that tops my list. Not just me, but I think other people will see this as well is a sign of lack of confidence I'd say in our current financial system. Price of gold is going up, that's especially true if there's any sort of Central Bank intervention in the markets that begins to become more difficult to do. Gold...Price of gold could really take off and that's probably likely to occur when we're having other issues like one we've not had a correction in the stock market for maybe too long, we're having increasing trouble getting the economy growing beyond 2%, we might find that China's economy starts to slow down at the same time. So it's not just gold, but gold could be one of those final triggers that tell people that-- hey there's some real concern I have about the stock and bond markets. Why not, as they always say, take some gains, right? Never loss money will take a profit and people will say that. In fact, I've talked to people today, wealthy individuals and others who are concerned that this market will turn and are looking for reasons to leave, looking for a sign that it could actually have... be a really big correction. To them 20% or 30% is big, I think it could go much bigger, but still a lot of reasons to take some gains off the table. People that had a lot of gains, there will be people looking to take those gains when it goes down and a really good sign of that happening is the price of gold going up. That isn't just a sign. I think it's also an opportunity in the price of gold starts to rise it's going to be a great time to certainly have gotten into gold before or even to get in then at that point, but that's why it's also a good idea to get into gold early to some degree or large degree because it's hard to time exactly when that's going to happen. You want to be there when that big rise occurs.