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How dangerous is the threat of runaway inflation for investors and is the current monetary policy of the U.S. sustainable?

Bob Wiedemer

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Video Transcript

Bob Wiedemer: The bottom line is we're trying to fool ourselves. We're trying to fool ourselves into believing that a government with a debt-to-revenue ratio of 6 to 1 can simply get out of it by printing money and it will never create inflation, right? We all kind of know that. If printing money didn't create inflation, man, we've solved all of our problems, right? --every single one. We don't need to worry about what we spend. We don't need to worry about taxes; we can just get rid of those. We all know that isn't true. We're trying to fool ourselves in some way that all these artificial methods that we use to prop up the stock market are going to work long-term and they're not. That's what we're trying to fool ourselves about. Don't think that it's just dumb people doing it or not so bright people, the smart guys are doing it all over the place too. As someone's always mentioned, the Federal Reserve has never predicted recession, well...much less, something like what I'm talking about, where we have a fundamental flaw in the system now that we haven't ever had before that will not survive. It's no sustainable.