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How do you feel President Trump and his economic policies will affect the markets and the portfolios of investors?

Bob Wiedemer

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Video Transcript

Bob Wiedemer: I think we're all hoping that this will create more growth in the economy, it'll be good for stock markets, it'll be good for our investments, and I certainly hope that, as well, but the reality is that a lot of our traditional investments are very high priced right now and they're often interest rate dependent. A lot of people agree and we have already seen it, interest rates are going up. For many people in retirement, this is affecting some of their most important investments that people hold for retirement, that's their house. It isn't usually stocks and bonds, although bonds are probably the second largest source for retirement. Both are very vulnerable to interest rate increases.

The economy might go up, but the value of your investments go down. As you're heading into retirement, that's a really big deal and that's a really important reason to diversify away from things that are going to be very vulnerable to interest rate increases. So, the best thing to do, again, not to panic, but to diversify your asset base. Diversify your portfolio, because we know that interest rates are very likely to go up and you want to be in something that is non-correlated to that. Precious metals are one of the best ways to offset that. This is particularly important for people that are entering retirement, because they don't have a lot of time to wait for the market to rebound. And again, even if we get some economic growth or some of this interest rate increase is caused by economic growth that's not going to offset the real hit it's going to make to key parts of your portfolio like real estate and bonds.