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What do you see as the risk facing investors who wait to find the optimal time to diversify?

Bob Wiedemer

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Video Transcript

Bob Wiedemer: It's important to recognize that when this confidence in the U.S. government, or the U.S. economy, or the U.S. stock market begins to fade, that you're not necessarily going to have the abilities to switch at that time from one investment to another. Did that really happen in 2008? Let's say you’re investor in Bear Stearns stock, a great, great Wall Street firm, did everybody in that company pull their money out of the stock and move it somewhere else? No, most of the money in Bear Stearns stock went to money heaven, the stock became worthless. Just like your house, where your stock could rise in value it could also fall very quickly in value and you're not going to have time to diversify at that point. That's kind of what people want to do is... I'll diversify when I need it. It's kind of like, I'd like to buy life insurance maybe the week before I die. Great! It just doesn't work that way. These markets can move quickly and by the time that you've seen that confidence start to fall a lot, by that time you're also going to find it's hard to diversify, because values change dramatically and can change overnight. The money goes to money heaven. It doesn't move from one investment to another. It just goes to money heaven.  Diversification is your way of preventing that.