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What is the present risk for investors nearing retirement age who are heavily dependent on their pension funds or 401Ks?

Bob Wiedemer

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Gold & Silver, Diversification In the Age of UncertaintyWe are clearly living in an age of increasing uncertainty requiring an increased knowledge about diversification and investment options. That's why Monex is now offering our customers and prospective customers open access to the latest available analyses, forecasts and recommendations on investment diversification with precious metals from two widely-recognized financial market experts – investment advisor and author Robert Wiedemer, and market analyst and author Jeffrey Christian. When you discover what is presented in these reports, you'll see why we here at Monex believe it is urgent to consider diversification with precious metals. For your free reports please speak to a Monex Account Representative now by calling 1-800-444-8317.

Video Transcript

Bob Wiedemer: There's a lot of people concerned about pension funds, public pension funds, other pension funds. I certainly agree, because I don't think they're going to make the kind of returns that they need to payout the pensions they promised. We've already seen problems in that area, but often overlooked in this focus on pension funds, is that 401Ks, people's own retirement funds are often underfunded and often very, very heavily invested in things like, well, stocks or bonds.

This is going to lead to problems down the road. So, it's not just public pension people that have problems, it's also people with their own retirement, 401Ks, that are either underfunded or too correlated to the stock market. If that's the case, you've got an issue in retirement. That's where something like precious metals in a 401K makes a lot of sense. It's a way of getting a non-correlated asset in to try to offset some of the uncertainty that we're pretty certain is going to be true for the next few years, if not quite a bit more.