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Historically, gold and silver have been stellar holdings for investors -- but why do you feel it’s a relatively small percentage of smart, educated investors who understand the advantage of diversification?

Jeff Christian

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Video Transcript

Jeff Christian: I grew up in a Catholic school system and in my high school we had a book, Your God is too Small. The theme was that if you're not impressed with God, you're defining him too narrowly. I often say that your gold is too big, because what happens is that a lot of investors over imbue gold with super powers that it never had--gold will protect you against inflation, against currency collapse, against financial calamities, political and war, all these different things, and gold will always have a constant purchasing power. It doesn't! Gold's purchasing power fluctuates all the time and gold goes down for years at a time and then it rises again for years at a time. When gold acts like gold, some of these investors get disenchanted and again they miss out on really good opportunities. If you look at who buys gold in North America, it's very interesting. Less than 1% of the population actually holds gold. That's just an atrocious number, because that means that most people don't have the catastrophic insurance policy and they’re not utilizing gold to the full extent that they could be using it, as an investment and a store of wealth. If you look at the 1% that do own gold, 90% of the gold that's purchased in the United States is purchased by professional, college educated, upper income adults, ages 40-65 years old. It used to be in the 70's that it was heavily male, but really since the late 90's, it's been actually about 50% female 50% males, maybe a little more than 50% female now, as women have taken over a greater role in managing household finances. But you have very intelligent people who say, "I'm not a gold bug. I'm not a guns and bunker guy. I don't believe in a financial collapse, but I do believe that it makes sense to have some gold." Unfortunately, it's a very small portion of the population and that, I think, is the message, that the gold market and the silver market need to get out to mainstream investors.