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Why do you believe that smart individual investors often recognize the advantages of owning precious metals – while many average investors do not?

Jeff Christian

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Video Transcript

Jeff Christian: We were talking earlier about the demographics of who owns gold and silver in the United States and I was talking about the fact that you have a lot of professional, college educated, upper income individuals, who own gold and silver and actually own the majority of the gold and silver. They own it not because they're worried about the black state taking over or the dark helicopters. They take it, they own it, partly as long-term insurance, but also as a portfolio diversifier and they have a very sober attitude. One of the problems that you see with the other 99% of the population that don't own gold is when you talk to them about gold and silver they think that gold and silver are for crazies. Yeah, because when they listen to somebody talking to them about gold and silver, usually it's a conspiracy theory, or the dollar is going to collapse, or the financial system is going to collapse, and how are you going to buy bread tomorrow if you don't own gold, and 99% of the population is turned off by that. But there are people who have educated themselves and they understand the normative roles of gold and silver in a person’s wealth portfolio and investment portfolios. My mother was an Italian immigrant--she was born a day after her parents arrived in the United States. She never understood that people paid me a lot of money to go around the world talking to them about why they should own gold and silver, because to her it was so obvious that you should have some of your wealth in gold and silver. She couldn't understand why anybody would need to pay me to tell them that.