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Given the current economic and political uncertainty, what is the general investor sentiment and how is their behavior creating an even higher level of risk?

Bob Wiedemer

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Video Transcript

Bob Wiedemer: People kind of know in their gut that there's something wrong, there's something up, yet they're sort of playing along and everybody else is kind of playing along, but that's what can build up some of the worst problems of all because you're sort of not letting the pressure out. You're letting it build up and then when finally, something does go wrong or something triggers it, then you have a meltdown. It's like a bubble pop. It's like what happened in March 2000, the uncertainty just built up. It wasn't talked about. They didn't have an Uncertainty Index like I've just created, but you know it's there, you know it's rising, and when it goes, it can go very, very quickly. I think that's the most interesting financial phenomenon, because it's not talked about. Yeah, it's kind of like a bubble pop in general. Alan Greenspan, our old Fed Chairman, said, "You can't see a bubble until it's popped," but that's because you don't want to. Of course, that's why I created the Uncertainty Index is to kind of remind people, and put a number on it, if something is happening that's pumping up a bubble and that uncertainty is growing higher, and it will pop. Once it pops, of course, it's obvious, but I like to give them a little foretaste, a little foresight into what's going on now, and that's what the Uncertainty Index does.