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Can you talk about why “Commodities Uncertainty” is the second factor in your Uncertainty Index?

Bob Wiedemer

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Gold & Silver, Diversification In the Age of UncertaintyWe are clearly living in an age of increasing uncertainty requiring an increased knowledge about diversification and investment options. That's why Monex is now offering our customers and prospective customers open access to the latest available analyses, forecasts and recommendations on investment diversification with precious metals from two widely-recognized financial market experts – investment advisor and author Robert Wiedemer, and market analyst and author Jeffrey Christian. When you discover what is presented in these reports, you'll see why we here at Monex believe it is urgent to consider diversification with precious metals. For your free reports please speak to a Monex Account Representative now by calling 1-800-444-8317.

Video Transcript

Bob Wiedemer: Commodities is my second factor of my Uncertainty Index and people might wonder well that seems like a niche market, commodities, why focus on that? Well, the reason is that, right now, it's a very good indicator of economic growth and in particular, China's growth. That's been so key since the financial crisis to worldwide recovery. So, if China starts to falter, we're going to see it not so much in their statistics, which are as many people agree, not the most honest, a nice way of saying they're lies, but they're not the most honest statistics. When you start to see commodity prices fall, that's a really good indication that China is slowing down and yes, the rest of the world too probably, but most importantly, China. They’re the 800-lb. gorilla in commodities. So, it's really a pulse on world growth and so much of that being on Chinese growth. So, I like to look at commodities, in particularly, oil, copper, the major iron, ore, the major commodities that are used by China that help power it's growth, and the world's growth. So, that's why commodities is my number two factor in the Uncertainty Index.