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CPM Group Precious Metals Market Reports

Please use the following links to access your personal copies of the 2020 Monex "Precious Metals Market Outlook" reports prepared by the CPM Group: IMPORTANT: These reports are confidential, proprietary and for your personal use only and must not be copied or otherwise distributed to others. Thank you!

About the CPM Group

The New York City-based CPM Group is a fundamentally-based commodities research shop. They develop their own proprietary estimates of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium supply and demand on a global basis, drawing on every resource they can find, including their own extensive list of contacts involved in precious metals around the world. They have been doing this sort of research and analysis since the 1970s, far longer than anyone else in the business.

The CPM Group investment philosophy is simple: They are value investors who base their decisions on what to buy, sell, hold, or avoid on the fundamentals of each asset, and the macro-economic, financial and political environmental factors that they expect will affect that asset’s value. They have concerns, expressed in their reports and elsewhere, about long-term imbalances in government deficit spending, public and private debt, and a wide range of other economic and political factors. They don’t expect the world’s financial system to collapse, however. In their opinion, that is not the way the world tends to work, and feel more likely economic outcomes in the real world lie between the extremes of cataclysmic collapses and nirvana.

The CPM Group advises their clients – and practice what they preach – to have some of their wealth in gold and silver as an insurance policy against a catastrophic failure, but also advise them to invest other portions of their money in precious metals and other assets based on the assumption that that sort of failure does not occur. They focus on investing based on likely scenarios, but with an eye always open to outlying events that take the world’s markets by surprise.

They have watched investors who were so worried about a collapse that they missed some of the largest stock and bond market rallies of all times over the past 30 years, while watching their safe haven assets fluctuate eight-fold in value up and down, and then up and down again. They advise investors to buy and sell precious metals and other assets based on cyclical and other developments, while also maintaining that long-term insurance policy in case the levee breaks.

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