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A New Decade

Gold American Eagles

Monex Product American Gold Eagle Coins

Historically, gold has been sought for the stability, liquidity and diversity it can provide to an investment portfolio. Monex is proud to offer a gold bullion coin that provides all of this, as well as the backing and security of the American government...the gold American Eagle.

The first gold coins produced in America, the original $10 gold "Eagle" coins, were originally minted by the United States Mint starting in 1795. More than two hundred years later, U.S. gold coins—perhaps some of the greatest symbols of American liberty and freedom -- are still produced with levels of quality and beauty that one would expect of the United States Mint.

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First released by the United States mint in 1986, the gold American Eagle is the first modern bullion coin to be authorized by the United States congress...and is backed by the US Mint for its weight, content and purity.

Gold American Eagles

Each gold American Eagle coin features striking imagery, symbolizing the American spirit and character. The obverse of the coin, originally designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens for the country's $20 gold piece minted from 1907 to 1933, carries the image of a full length figure of Lady Liberty holding a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in her left. In the background can be seen the images of the sun rising and the United States Capitol dome. The obverse side of the coin also bears the inscription "Liberty" and contains both the date of issue and the individual mint mark of origin. The reverse side of the coin bears the image of a male bald eagle carrying an olive branch, flying towards his mate in a nest with their hatchlings.

American Eagle gold coins are available from Monex in three different sizes and denominations. The one-ounce gold American Eagle has a diameter of 32.7mm, a thickness of 2.87mm, a total weight of 1.0909 troy ounces (or 33.931 grams), contains one troy ounce of pure gold, and has a face value of $50. One-ounce gold American Eagles are sold in units of 10 one-ounce coins. The coins can be purchased outright for personal delivery or can be financed through the exclusive Monex ATLAS account.  Additionally, these coins are suitable for an IRA investment.

American Gold Eagle Coins

Each of the fractional gold American Eagle coins are sold in units of 20 coins each for personal delivery only. The quarter-ounce gold coin has a diameter of 22mm, a thickness of 1.78mm, a total weight of .2727 troy ounces (or 8.483 grams), contains a quarter-ounce of pure gold, and has a face value of $10. The tenth-ounce gold coin has a diameter of 16.5mm, a thickness of 1.26mm, a total weight of 0.1091 troy ounces (3.393 grams), contains a tenth-ounce of pure gold and has a face value of $5.

Like the South African Krugerrand, all American Eagle gold bullion coins are 22 karat (or .9167 fine) gold, containing an alloy of silver and copper to help increase the stability and scratch-resistance of the coins. Each coin is guaranteed to contain an exact quantity of gold, mined exclusively in the United States, and to meet the rigid quality standards of the U.S. Mint.

American Eagle gold coins provide investors with the means to diversify, balance and stabilize a well-rounded investment portfolio, all with the safety and backing of the United States government and the U.S. Dollar.

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American Gold Eagle FAQ's

What is an American Gold Eagle coin?

The United States Mint issues Gold American Eagles as legal tender gold bullion coins for investment purpose, under congressional authority. The family of Gold Eagles is comprised of four sizes and face values. Though they are technically money, their face value is insignificant compared to their intrinsic value, and they do not circulate as coinage. By far, the most popular and most liquid size, if not of all gold coins, is the one-ounce $50 face value American Gold Eagle.

Is the American Gold Eagle Coin pure gold?

Though Gold Eagles trade like other bullion gold coins, they are not pure gold. As long as their strong popularity continues, Gold Eagles will trade at values equivalent to pure gold coins. However, Eagles are not the best substitute for pure .9999 fine investment grade bullion.

How pure is the US Gold Eagle coin?

Gold Eagles are 91.67% fine gold, which is precisely 22 karats. As a point of reference, pure gold is 24 karats, while durable gold jewelry is typically 14 to 18 karats. For the United States Mint pure gold coin, see American Buffalo Gold Coins.

Why is the American Gold Eagle only 22 karats?
The element gold is extremely soft in its pure form. In fact, one of gold's key properties making it so valuable is that it is so incredibly malleable. Gold requires an alloy to make it more durable in certain applications. Then and now, the United Sates Mint uses copper as the key component to add as an alloy to harden the gold for improved durability. American Eagles are comprised of 91.67% gold, 5.33% copper and 3% silver.

How much gold are in American Eagles?

All Gold American Eagles contain 91.67% gold. The $50 face value gold Eagle weighs 1.0909 troy ounces, which is 33.93 grams, and is 32.7mm in diameter and 2.87mm thick. However, each coin contains precisely one troy ounce of pure gold. The $10 Gold Eagle weighs 0.2727 troy ounces and is precisely .25 troy ounces of pure gold, and the $5 Gold Eagle weighs 0.1091 troy ounces and is precisely .1 troy ounces of pure gold.

What gold coins to buy?

Simply buy the type of gold coin that makes you most comfortable. The most important considerations for selecting your preferred brand of bullion coins is (a.) buying and selling liquidity resulting from popularity and demand and (b.) relative levels of buying and selling prices. Watch Buying Gold Bullion Coins with Monex’s Mike Maroney for a great overview on buying gold coins.

What is the cost of a one-ounce Gold Eagle to purchase?

The purchase price of a one-ounce American Gold Eagle is at the Monex Ask price. In addition, there are charges such as commission and shipping. There is no shipping charge if you select depository delivery. Today's ask price per coin for buying in units of ten is: $.

How do I buy and receive Gold Eagles?

Once you have decided on the quantity of Gold Eagles to purchase, your Monex Account Representative will assist you in executing your order over the phone. Your purchase and price will be confirmed on a voice recorded line after your acknowledgment, and a written confirmation will be sent to you with the details of your order. Payment may be made after you order, but must be initiated on the day of purchase, which means you must mail or wire funds on the day of your purchase. You can have your metal (a) shipped to your home; (b) made available for pick-up at over 30 facilities across the U.S. and Canada; or (c) have your metal delivered to a bank/depository for storage.

Where is the best place to buy Gold Eagle Coins?

Reliability of a commodity and your comfort in making a transaction is paramount. Since 1967, Monex companies have made it a priority to buy back gold that customers have purchased at attractive, then-current Monex bid prices. Our multi-billion dollar, two-way buy and sell market is a hallmark and tradition at Monex, and is your assurance of liquidity for your Gold American Eagle investment. Under certain circumstances, Monex may buy verified Gold Eagles that were purchased from other respected dealers. Be aware that some restrictions and additional verification costs may apply. Please contact a Monex Account Representative for additional details.

Can I purchase American Gold Eagles in my IRA?

Though American Gold Eagle coins are just .9167 fine gold, being that Gold Eagles are issued by the United States Mint, they are approved for inclusion for purchase in your IRA.

How well have American Gold Eagle investments performed?

Over the long-term, Gold Eagle investments have fared quite well. Since 2000, they have appreciated over 400%. However, in the shorter term, Gold Eagles are well discounted from their 2011 high prices.

Can I finance against my Gold Eagles that I have purchased?

With storage of one-ounce Gold Eagles through Monex at Brinks, you can use your metal as collateral to borrow cash against it whenever you want, for any purpose. Monex Credit Company, a California finance lender, offers cash loans of up to 75% of the value of your metal while you retain full title and ownership of the metal. Interest rates vary but have been 5.9% per annum since 2006. There are no loan set-up fees or penalties for repayment at any time. You can call your Account Representative and have the cash proceeds of the loan immediately sent to you, or you can use the loan to pay for a purchase.

What is the Gold Eagle bullion coin first year of issue?

The oldest Gold American Eagle bullion coin has the date 1986. That year was the very first year of issue for US Mint Bullion Coin program.

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