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Silver Vienna Philharmonics

Monex Product Silver Vienna Philharmonics

Monex, America's trusted name in precious metals for more than forty years, is proud to offer a convenient, beautiful and versatile way to own silver... the silver bullion coin from Europe, the Silver Vienna Philharmonic.

First minted in 2008 by the 800-year old Austrian Mint, Silver Vienna Philharmonics are pure .999 fine silver bullion coins. Each coin contains one troy ounce of pure silver and measures 1.457" (or 37 mm) in diameter. They are exquisitely beautiful and impressively large coins...and make a handsome and worthwhile addition to any investment portfolio.

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Vienna Philharmonic gold coin collecting

Nearly identical in design to the widely popular Vienna Philharmonic gold bullion coin series, each Silver Vienna Philharmonic coin features imagery of the cultural pride of Austria, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The obverse side of the coin is stamped with the name of the orchestra and the word "silver" in German, and features a montage of instruments, including a string bass, cellos, violins, a bassoon, harp and Viennese horn, representing Austria's rich musical and cultural heritage.

Vienna Golden Hall

The reverse side of the coin features the image of the "Great Organ" found in Vienna's "Golden Hall," the concert hall where the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra performs. The country of issue, the silver weight in ounces, and the 1.5 euro legal tender value are also stamped on the reverse side of the coin.

The Austrian Mint, located in the heart of historic Vienna, Austria, has an 800-year tradition of minting some of the most beautiful and technically perfect coins in all of Europe. In fact, the Mint traces its roots back to the year 1194 when an enormous silver treasure—from a ransom paid to free England's King Richard the Lionhearted, taken prisoner in Vienna on his way back from the Crusades—was used to create silver coins for the Austrian empire. Today, the Austrian Mint is one of the most modern and proficient mints in the world and is a leading producer of euro coinage and pure gold and silver bullion coins.

Vienna Philharmonic silver coin

Silver Vienna Philharmonic bullion coins are available from Monex in units of 100 one-ounce coins, for personal delivery only.

Silver Vienna Philharmonic bullion coins can be an affordable, cost-efficient way to get started in precious metalsinvesting, and to diversify one's nest egg with a sound hard asset investment backed by the Austrian government. The coins are widely recognized, and easy to buy, sell, transport and store.

Vienna Philharmonic silver coin

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