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Is conservative pressure on Central Banks likely to succeed?

*Barron's, by Chris Dieterich, November 19, 2014

”Don’t hold your breath for voters in Switzerland to reverse slumping gold prices.

On Nov. 30, the Swiss will vote on a referendum to decide whether the Swiss National Bank’s mandate should be changed to bulk up on bullion holdings and never sell.

The Wall Street Journal’s Andrew Morse reports that support for the measure is dwindling, according to a poll released Wednesday:

The poll, which was conducted by the gfs.bern group, shows 38% of respondents in favor of the Save Our Swiss Gold initiative, down from 44% in an earlier poll.  Meanwhile, 47% of respondents said they were against the initiative, up from 39%.

Those results aren’t doing gold prices any favors as the yellow metal slid 0.3% to settle at $1,183.60 on Wednesday.”

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