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Is the Ukraine crisis and US interventionism good for the dollar or gold?

*Texas Straight Talk, by Ron Paul, March 10, 2014

”Officially, US debt stands at more than $17 trillion.  In reality, it is many times more.  The cost of the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq may be more than six trillion dollars.  President Obama’s illegal invasion of Libya cost at least a billion dollars and left that country devastated.  The costs of US regime change efforts in Syria are likely thus far enormous, both in dollars and lives.  That’s still a secret.

So who in his right mind would think it is a good time to start a war with Russia over Ukraine?  And worse, who would commit the United States to bail out a Ukraine that will need at least $35 billion to survive the year?

Who?  The president and Congress, backed by the neocons and the so-called humanitarian interventionists!

The House voted overwhelmingly last week to provide $1 billion in loan guarantees to Ukraine.  That is just the beginning, you can be sure.  But let’s be clear: this is not money for the population of that impoverished country.  The Administration is sending a billion dollars from US taxpayers to wealthy international bankers who hold Ukrainian debt.  It is an international bank bailout, not aid to Ukrainians.  And despite the escalating anti-Russia rhetoric, ironically some of that money will likely go to Russia for Ukraine’s two billion dollar unpaid gas bill!”

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