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Is there a force on earth that can keep gold from rising?

*JSMineSet, by Jim Sinclair, October 21, 2007

“Gold Sounds the Alarm

Gold started this US evening plus $6.70 in Asia, and that was the alarm sounding. In came the soldiers charging over the hill to stabilize (aka manipulate) in order to keep Operation White Noise in place. You can push gold around for a day, sometimes longer, but as long as the dollar keeps falling, no force on earth can keep gold from rising. Pushing gold down only compresses the spring that will shoot it higher. The stabilizers should take a hint from Bert Seligman who said, “The only way to manipulate any entity successfully is to push the item in the direction it wants to go anyway.” This advice is simply expressed as never stand in the way of a locomotive, which is a good metaphor for gold moving well above $1000.”

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