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What have recent job numbers affected in the economy?

*The Wall Street Journal, by Daniel Kruger, October 9, 2017

”U.S. government bonds fell after Friday’s jobs report showed wage gains and the economy’s first job losses since 2010.

The yield on the benchmark 10-year treasury note rose to 2.370% from 2.352% Thursday. The two-year’s note’s yield, which is more sensitive to expectations for Federal Reserve policy, rose to 1.511% from 1.495% Thursday. . .

Labor department data showed the U.S. economy lost 33,000 jobs last month, the first monthly decline since September 2010, while the unemployment rate fell to 4.2% a 16-year low, and average hourly earnings rose 2.9%. . .

Investors have been looking for signs of inflation, as Fed officials have said that persistent low readings on price measures throughout the economy are the result of transitory factors.”

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