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When will we see indications that trillions of dollars introduced by the Fed will set off inflation?

*Dow Theory Letters, by Richard Russell, December 10, 2008

“Gold — In the meantime, gold has been moving methodically higher. Have the Bernanke-Paulson machinations finally caught on in the markets? If they have, I said, gold would be the first to know it. Bonds would be a close second (bonds would head down in the face of coming inflation).”

“Russell opinion — We may now be hitting the inflection point that I’ve been talking about. The selling of stocks could be exhausted, the deflation may be on the edge of turning into inflation — today bonds were down, dollar was down, gold up strongly. The Bernanke-Paulson ‘re-inflation’ efforts may finally have halted the fear and deflation syndrome — now the trillions of dollars that have been introduced into the system may be close to setting off inflation. I said that the first hint of the change would be rising gold and declining bonds. We may be there.”

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