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Will the dollar collapse?

*Barron's, by Lauren R. Rublin, January 10, 2009

“It’s hard to predict the market when you don’t know what the Fed will do. The Fed has tripled the size of its balance sheet and is plowing ground we have never seen before. Here are my facsimiles of deutsche marks from Weimar Germany [holds up sheaf of papers]. They collapsed in value when Germany started printing money after World War I. It happened very quickly and it can happen again.

The Germans were successful at reflating. But they weren’t successful in saving their economy. [Federal Reserve Chairman Ben] Bernanke is on record saying, ‘I will not make the mistakes of the 1930s. I will not make the mistakes of Japan in the 1990s.’ He is pushing the limit right now.

Gabelli: So you’re saying he’s going to make the mistake of the Weimar Republic?

Hickey: There is a possibility of that. Every month that there is a horrible employment, report the government prints more money.

Gabelli: It took Weimar Germany a brief time.

Faber: The worse the economy, the more they will print. It is like in Zimbabwe now, and Latin America in the 1980s. They had large deficits and printed money, and in local currency everything went up. But the currency collapsed.”

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