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Will the Fed cause a recession to save the Dollar?

*The Economist, November 29, 2007

The Panic About the Dollar

“A full-blown dollar collapse would be disastrous. Thankfully, it need not happen

THE weather may be cold and wet, but in the rich world’s financial markets it is beginning to feel like August all over again. Credit spreads have widened and shares are pitching from gloom to elation as investors look to the Federal Reserve for solace. The anxiety is unmistakable. But this time the scare is about more than bad mortgage loans and their baleful effect on the credit markets. America may be falling into recession. And a new fear now stalks the markets: that the dollar’s slide could spin out of control.

A full-blown dollar crisis on top of a credit crunch and a weakening economy would be frightening. It would send financial markets reeling and tie the hands of the Fed, perhaps forcing it to raise interest rates even as recession looms.”

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