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Globally, do you see governments reducing the amount of fiat money created on a printing press?

Stuart Veale

Video Transcript

Today, we actually have a race to the bottom. We're seeing who can print currency the fastest. If you ask the U.S. what's their plan to get out of the mess, it's to export more. If you ask Japan what's their plan to get out of their mess, it's to export more. Ask Europe what's their plan and they need to export more. Well, you know, it's a net sum zero game; so we can't all export more. So those who devalue their currency the furthest and the fastest, alright, will be the ones who probably do export more. Every time you devalue your currency you make your people poorer. When you print up currency, each piece of currency buys less. So as we print up more and more currency it buys less and less...French wine, fewer less of a German sports car, less Korean electronics, less Canadian lumber. Around the world, everybody's plan is to devalue their currencies, print them up, and find that as a way of creating competitiveness. Well the one currency that you can't print is gold. It's the one thing that is out of the politician's control. So if they're going to be printing up currencies like crazy, I'd rather hold gold. There's an old joke... that only a government can take a valuable commodity like paper and turn it into something worthless.

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