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What is your analysis of the silver, platinum, and palladium markets and their potential for precious metals investors?

January 6, 2014
Video Transcript

We're finding new applications for silver every day. Silver is a very unique industrial metal. It's, from a storage point of view, it's bulky. So when you start buying silver, you can't buy that much of it before you realize, "I've got to have a significant storage space for it." Which is why I think gold and platinum are preferred for the long-term. Certainly you want to have some silver as a metal place. It's both a precious metal and an industrial metal. So it has both of those aspects going for it.

You're not going to make solar panels without silver. Silver is what makes it work. So anyone who is a big believer in solar power or green energy, that's silver powered. Cars on Lithium iron batteries go so far. Silver iron batteries are much better. So silver has unique applications.

Platinum and palladium, that's your catalytic converters, that's you're back way into the auto industry. As more and more countries put out more and more regulations about environmental issues that should increase the demand for platinum and palladium. Their supplies are very, very limited. They could take off dramatically at any point, if the economy does well. Again, we've been talking about gold, but I don't want to dismiss the other 3 arrows in the quiver, as far as, protection is concerned.


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