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At a time when the stock market has performed quite well, how can gold play a valuable role in an investor's portfolio?

David Wiedemer
September 19, 2017
Video Transcript

David Wiedemer:The way the market is behaving now is a lot like a Ferrari, very high performance. People are making money, or really more to the point, they're actually recovering money they lost previously. Under these circumstances, I see gold as very much like insurance on a Ferrari. I mean, are you going to drive a Ferrari without insurance? Heavens, No! Why would you have a stock portfolio without insurance either? Gold provides that insurance. Gold provides very powerful insurance for your stock market portfolio. If the market's going down, gold is most likely going to be going up. This is not always true on a very short-term basis, but it is almost always true on a long-term basis. That's why it's so important to have a certain percentage of your portfolio in gold.

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