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How do you compare the current opportunity in gold with the profit opportunities in silver?

Bob Wiedemer
December 12, 2016
Video Transcript

Bob Wiedemer:Precious metals can be divided easily into two camps, obviously, gold and silver. Gold tends to be better longer term. I think silver, actually, would be very good long term, as well, but it tends to be kind of, almost like, gold on leverage, in the sense that if precious metals are going up, you can bet silver is going to have a much better opportunity shorter term than gold. I don't think you're ever going to see a situation where gold goes down and silver goes up.

I do think that they will move together, but I think that if you're looking for shorter term solid, big profits, silver is going to give you that opportunity more than gold and I think there's no question that would be true for the next year or the next following years. Again, I do like both long term, but if you want something to trade in or you want something for a larger shorter term profit, there's no question that silver is the way to go.

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