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What is the greatest threat posed by the Federal Reserve's policy of printing money and how can investors be protected?

Bob Wiedemer
September 19, 2017
Video Transcript

Printing money has always caused inflation. We know that. There's no question about it. I think most people fundamentally understand that, because if we could print money and not cause inflation, we could do all sorts of things. We could eliminate taxes on everyone. We could have wonderful infrastructure in our country. We could have a great educational system, free college, free medical care. What do you want? We can do it. It's just that people realize that ultimately, yes, if you print money it will cause inflation. Again, I would say it's not a risk, it's a certainty. I think people fundamentally realize that. They realize that if you print a lot of money, you will have a lot of inflation and you will destroy the existing asset values of all interest sensitive assets. Gold is not an interest sensitive. Gold is the one asset that can survive this.

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