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How can investors best protect themselves in the Age Of Uncertainty?

Bob Wiedemer
May 18, 2017
Video Transcript

Bob Wiedemer: This Uncertainty Index is an investment uncertainty index, not just a precious metals uncertainty index, but an investment uncertainty index. So, that means, it applies to stocks, bonds, even real estate, and most importantly, it applies to diversifying your investments. I think, especially in a time of uncertainties, it is very important. You can't just be in one category and you can't be in just categories that go up or down together. Like stocks, you can diversify within those, but most stocks that are going up are going down at the same time. Precious metals or gold are tremendous ways to diversify your portfolio and do especially well when uncertainty is rising.

We may be in an Age of Uncertainty. We may be facing things like North Korea or political battles we haven't seen before, or politicians we've never seen before, but we all know that in times of uncertainty diversification is key.  That's really what I'm preaching here is get out of instruments that are all highly correlated.  Don't fool yourself. We all have a tendency to do that for obvious reasons. Don't fool yourself that stock, just by having different types of stocks, or even a few stocks and a few bonds, you're diversified. You're not. You need to have things that are not correlated with the stock market as much. Precious metals and gold are certainly a very key way of doing that.

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