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How can investors protect themselves at a time when we appear to be in dangerous and uncharted waters?

David Wiedemer
September 19, 2017
Video Transcript

Every time you have a large bubble and we can easily measure bubbles. We know what is going on with bubbles. I mean, the last two bubbles, I was able to predict fairly accurately and this one is no different. We know there is a bubble out there. There's no more uncertainty about this bubble than there was about the previous housing bubble or internet bubble. They're very clear. There are very clear signs for them. So, at this point, yes, if you want to consider the economic climate, it is uncertain. If you want to consider this uncharted territory, fine. You should buy gold. If you recognize that we've done this before and we've had bubble before, they always collapse in the end. It's not uncharted. We know it's going to happen. This is a bubble. It will collapse.

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