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What is your advice for investors who are reluctant to diversify because they don’t understand how precious metals protects investors in uncertain times?

Bob Wiedemer
December 12, 2016
Video Transcript

Bob Wiedemer: A good investor looks at investments without a lot of prejudice. So, whether you like stocks, or you don't like stocks, too risky, not risky, if they're going up, you want to be there, right? You want to have some exposure there. The same thing is true with say precious metals. Whether you like it, or don't like it, or you've heard bad things, or good things, doesn't really matter. If it helps in the times that you're heading... if it helps in the right investment times, like if stocks are going up, have some in stocks. If you're entering a period where there's geopolitical concerns, especially, because other countries invest in stocks but especially in precious metals, then it's very important to have some exposure in that area.

Don't have any prejudices. It's not about what you like or dislike. It's what historically these investments have done and what role they serve in your portfolio. Precious metals clearly serve a role in a period of great deal of uncertainty, especially geopolitical concerns. Whether it would be in China, the Middle East, a Europe that's clearly having a lot of problems right now, this is where precious metals form a very important part of anybody's portfolio. Again, no prejudices needed, just follow what works in times of uncertainty. Precious metals are one of the best.

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