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In a bubble economy, what do you think could be the tipping point that would change market sentiment and pose a serious threat to investors?

Bob Wiedemer
September 19, 2017
Video Transcript

So, what it actually changes usually is psychology that's not spoken and in fact can often come in the midst of some pretty positive psychology. burst in a period where psychology, enthusiasm about stocks, was probably as high as it ever had been, in January 2000, February 2000. Then burst in March. I can't even tell you why. All I can tell you is that is how it happens. Sometimes the psychology just changes and that's kind of what we're seeing a little bit of in gold and the stock markets and then it just goes. No specific reason, but that's why you have to sort of watch it and see, but very clearly, something is going on there with psychology that's changing. That's why I think there's uncertainty and having some gold also, because it is hard to time perfectly, it makes for a very smart idea.

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