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You said that markets artificially supported by government debt pose a serious risk. How can investors best protect themselves?

Bob Wiedemer
May 18, 2017
Video Transcript

Bob Wiedemer: When you have a stock market and a debt system, a government debt system, that is unsustainable on its current path, we know it will break at some point. When it does, you will get inflation. Ultimately, you can't print money without getting inflation. Otherwise, we all know we've solved our problems, right? When you get that inflation, interest rates are going up--that's a guarantee. When interest rates go up, that's a negative for normal investments like bonds, like stocks, like real estate. The one investment that it's a positive for is actually gold. So, what we'll find is that gold does well, not because you're a gold bug, not because gold is eternal or anything like that. Gold does well in an environment where people are nervous, people are scared, the uncertainty has become real fear, not just uncertainty, it's certain they're fearful. It does well when interest rate sensitive investments do poorly.

There's so much concern right now over the stock market being highly valued. There's so much concern over the international and domestic political uncertainties. Part of the answer to that from an investment stand point is to stop worrying and diversify. Don't have all your eggs riding on whether or not domestic and international political uncertainty goes away or moves in the favor of the markets. Diversify...sleep easier. It's that simple.

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