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Why is this such an opportune time to invest in gold and other precious metals?

Bob Wiedemer
December 12, 2016
Video Transcript

Bob Wiedemer: Part of the reason that precious metals, gold, or silver are well positioned right now to do a good job in offsetting your portfolio is that the regular investments are really high priced. I like to say we've seen decent economic growth in the country, certainly in the last 10 or 15 years, there's been ups and downs and ok, but you've seen explosive growth in asset prices and that's a huge issue. It's not that that's never happened before, but it doesn't happen long term. Ultimately, economic growth has got to be the basis for growth in stocks and real estate. It can't just be purely financial manipulation, by private investors, or by government, or whatever... most of the government. So, we're at extraordinarily high prices for typical assets, that gives gold a very unique opportunity now to be an offset to that, to be a way for diversifying your portfolio, and for doing very well.

I wouldn't say the same thing was necessarily is true even earlier, because we've really never seen traditional asset prices as high as they are now--traditional meaning real estate, stocks, or even bonds. Just historically, in our entire nation's history, literally, we haven't seen that. I think that gives a great opportunity for precious metals and others to do a great job of ultimately outperforming, not necessarily because they're that great, I think they're good, but because the others are obviously at historical all time incredible valuations and highs.

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