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How do you feel the recent U.S. election is affecting market and investor uncertainty?

Bob Wiedemer
May 18, 2017
Video Transcript

Bob Wiedemer: The interesting thing about President Trump's election is in some ways in brings you a certain amount of certainty. You've got a Republican President, a Republican Congress, it should work smoothly, but the reality is people feel a lot of uncertainty. Partly because what President Trump is proposing is big. I mean, it's huge, as he would say and it is. So, there's got to be uncertainties that... is this going to get actually implemented? There's also a divided Republican party. That's been true for a while now and that throws a whole other set of uncertain situations. Even if a lot of Republicans like it, if some don't that means it doesn't pass. So, I think you're in an interesting period where there seemingly should be less uncertainty, but in fact actually there's a lot more uncertainty now. I think domestic political uncertainty is going to be a very key driver of market uncertainty and investment uncertainty.

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