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Given the economic and geopolitical uncertainty that exists, what should investors do for both wealth protection and profit potential?

Bob Wiedemer
December 12, 2016
Video Transcript

Bob Wiedemer: In an Age of Uncertainty, the best thing to do is one, don't panic, obviously, it's not time to lose sleep, but it is time to take some measures that make sense almost at any time, but especially in uncertain times. That is to diversify your portfolio. That's one of the best things you can do to deal with uncertainty. If you don't know, which way something is going to go, get a little more diversified.

So, right now, a lot of people have almost all their money, probably all their money, in stocks, bonds, and real estate. That's fine, up to a point, but we're now at a point of record high levels of pricing on all of those: stocks, bonds, and real estate... although bonds have recently taken a big hit. So, it's probably time to diversify out to something else that's more non-correlated with those assets which tend to go up with each other, such as precious metals. That's what you're looking for is an uncorrelated asset to diversify your portfolio against what's clearly, if not increasing uncertainty, continued uncertainty, than the markets in the world today.

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