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What do you see as the current opportunity for investors in silver?

Bob Wiedemer
September 19, 2017
Video Transcript

When gold went down after the 2011 peak, silver melted and, you know, literally melted down and got beat even harder. That also presents a potential opportunity going forward is as gold and silver has rebounded a bit, we also might find that silver does a little bit of what it did before and rises up a lot faster as well, faster than gold. We've seen some of that in the last six months, year for silver, outperform gold, but I think we're still probably early in the stages of this turn. We still don't know for sure that this is a bottoming out of gold, you never really know until it's kind of way past the bottom for stocks or gold. It's quite possible that, you know, silver could be at the bottom of what could be a tremendous rise in silver. It does tend to... seems to have more of a pile on affect than gold and it could become quite the best performer over the next few years during this period of uncertainty. So, we should also keep an eye on silver as well as gold. They're both going to rise as precious metals, but silver has a tendency like a high-tech stock to outperform the market so to speak.

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