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What can investors do now to protect themselves?

Robert Wiedemer
May 12, 2010
Video Transcript

As we say in, "Aftershock" is that you may not be able to change the government's actions or you may not be able to rewrite a bubble that went up. We might have not wanted inflated, but it got inflated, and it's going to pop. There may be a lot of things socially we'd like to do, but they may be difficult to do and you personally can't control them. The one thing you can control is your own individual finances and how you protect yourself, and that's just fine. I mean, we can talk about some other time, exactly how we might try to prevent some of these problems from coming. Although, I think in reality, we are pretty far down the road. I'm really not sure the will is there to address these problems, before they actually become very obvious. I sometimes use the example of WWII, we really kind of ignored the German threat, we ignored the Japanese threat, we were even reluctant to help out the British to some degree. When Pearl Harbor hit, it was obvious we had a problem, we all united and we went after the problem. It may be the same sort of situation here. So until that happens and if that does happen, you certainly want to be protected yourself.

So what "Aftershock" recommends is be careful where you have your exposure, in terms of your assets: stocks, real estates, and bonds, those kinds of things can get very hard in a downturn. At the same time, also look to protect yourself by buying gold. That's the simplest way to protect yourself and actually benefit and profit on the upside. There's lots of strategies you can use. I mentioned the book, "Leaps" and there's other things. They're all interesting and they're all good, but the simplest and probably most effective way is gold. Even some of the most sophisticated hedge fund managers that can do all of the most complex strategies you can imagine, they often buy gold. Just because it is a very powerful way to protect yourself and profit, in what we think is very, very likely to happen.

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