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Why are more and more investors turning to gold?

Robert Wiedemer
May 12, 2010
Video Transcript

People are saying, "The time has come." It really has. We've got financial fear. We've got the other investments changing. The investment buys is starting to go very, very, very differently. People are seeing that gold is a good performer, but I'll tell you it hit me very, very clearly. I had a conference call. I was on with a bunch of old Goldman Sachs partners. Probably had about, what about, 13 people on that call. About five of them, this was almost a year ago, several were going into gold. This is Goldman Sachs; they make their money on bonds, stocks, typical Wall Street stuff. These were old Goldman Sachs partners saying, "I am putting a lot of money into gold." You're starting to see that bias changing.

I get people who say, "I've never invested in gold in my life, I think I need to change" or "I've been a stock investor forever, I'm getting concerned." So you're getting people who would, and these aren't fringe investors these are people with millions of dollars, doctors, successful lawyers, small businessmen from all over the country, who are becoming much more open to gold, and I think for good reason.

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