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Why are you calling this the Age of Uncertainty and can you talk about the index you’ve created that rates the inherent risk to investors?

Bob Wiedemer
May 18, 2017
Video Transcript

Bob Wiedemer: We have political uncertainty. We have market uncertainty. You've got to remember only a year ago, about a year ago, the market fell about 15,700 in the DOW, that's only 1,000 points above where it was at its peak 10 years earlier, back in 2007. So, there's a lot of concern that... well, that we've come up a lot... you know the market, but how long will it last? We have a new President; people are still concerned how quickly will his agenda be implemented. Will his agenda be implemented? We have a lot of security problems we never even thought of before. Sure, we knew North Korea was an issue and a problem, but it's different to have an issue or problem than to have a submarine launched missile, and maybe an inter-continental missile with a nuclear warhead on it. So, people are naturally a little bit more unease right now and because of that I've created an uncertainty index. I want to try to put a number on uncertainty. It's not just important for investors in precious metals, it's important for investment in anything. Uncertainty is now driving a lot of what's going on, because people... they hope for the best, as we all do, but they really don't know. They can see a lot going on that seems to bother them. You're not necessarily going to know when the market falls immediately, just because uncertainty rises, actually the market could be going up. People are a little more worried, but it keeps going up. As that market rises, it's a really good clue that there could be problems. Just like when, margin goes up on stock, the amount of margin debt, that's a sign of confidence in a way, right? But it's also a sign that the market may be just about to fall.  And that's what the uncertainty index does, it puts a numerical number on how much uncertainty there is out there in economic terms, and in geopolitical, and domestic political terms.

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