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Why do you think it's a particularly timely opportunity for investors to diversify into gold?

Bob Wiedemer
September 19, 2017
Video Transcript

There comes a point where you're going to want real profits and you don't want that to happen when the paper profits have collapsed. So, it makes some sense to take some gains off the table. As people have said and one investment maxim is... I never lost money making a profit. Take some off. Maybe put some into cash and maybe some into gold as well, which I think has, right now, a much better longer-term view, but also it may have made that bottoming that happened to the stock market in 2009, that may be looking more like it, that's exactly what's happening to gold. It's made a bottom and it's coming out. Now, would be the time to take some profits from something that's topping out from something that has just bottomed out and is heading up.

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