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How has gold outperformed the stock market ... and what about the future?

Robert Wiedemer

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Video Transcript

Well, I think one of the most attractive things about gold is that the bubbles haven't burst yet, meaning there's a lot of potential left. The housing bubble is slowly bursting, it will take much longer, and real estate takes a much longer time. As I tell the people that are even a little bit skeptical now, gold compared to the stock market has done extremely well. Gold is up over 100% the last 5 or 6 years. Yeah, the stock market has done very well the last few months, but over the last 5 or 6 years it's barely keeping pace with inflation, in fact, it's not keeping pace with inflation. So compare those two. You basically have something that's almost dead money in your mattress, compared to gold, which has done a 100% that would be a solid bull market. As we all know, who asks for 1-year returns when you can look at a 5? Everybody knows that a 5-year average is a much stronger indication of an investment than just a 1-year. Stock market could go down next year; gold has maintained a pretty strong bull market.