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What are the ways investors could protect themselves in a bubble economy?

Robert Wiedemer

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Video Transcript

There are two main ways to deal with the bubbles and one is to put more money into gold and the other is to put money in euros. Keeping in mind though when you put money into gold it is salable into euros. So to some degree you have a bit of a euro investment in gold. If the dollar fell dramatically, gold is going to go up and track that relative to the euros, because it's easy to take gold and sell it overseas. Just as we say from a broader standpoint in the economy that if you're producing oil, or grain, or lumber in the U.S. as that dollar goes down it's going to go up in value. It's not just gold, you can go out and buy a big tank of oil and put it in your backyard, but it would have the same effect, it's going to be worth more, but gold is clearly the way that an individual investor would go. So in general terms, that's where we say put the money, euros are fine. Those are my primary recommendations.