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According to several precious metals experts, 10 oz Silver Bars are an excellent alternative investment for diversification of classic asset classes. Smaller formatted bullion bars, also called silver ingots, are easy to stack, transport, and trade. Monex proudly offers only the finest quality fabricated bullion bars available. Call a Monex account representative today to learn how to buy 10 oz bars of silver.
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Monex 10 oz Silver Bars  
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1000 oz Silver Bullion Bar

Many analysts feel that silver presents an outstanding investment opportunity for those seeking profit potential, diversification of portfolios of paper assets, or for survival purposes in case of financial collapse. Our 1,000 oz silver bullion bars could be the right option for investors who seek these benefits in one simple transaction. Call a Monex account representative today and learn how to buy 1,000 oz silver bars.

Silver's historic role as a store of value and an investment, as well as its increasing industrial, medical and investment demand in an environment where growing use exceeds available new supplies, suggest a bullish trend for this versatile metal. For these reasons, many believe silver bullion is currently an outstanding investment opportunity.

Dating back 4,000 years, silver has been one of the world’s oldest and most enduring forms of currency. Today, investing in 10 ounce silver ingots offers a tangible asset, which cannot be hacked, erased or inflated away. Fabricated ten troy ounce silver bars are portable, recognizable, and easy to store and trade, thereby akin to real money. Because physical silver ingots are not someone else’s liability, they represent a popular form of private wealth.

10 ounce silver bullion bars available through Monex are proudly produced in the United States. Often compared to holding a thin cell phone, smaller 10 oz ingots are consistently struck in the same size making them convenient to stack and store in a home safe or other secure locations. Each silver bar consists of .999 pure fine silver and is hallmarked by a leading refinery to certify weight and purity.

1000 oz Silver Bullion Bar for Sale

Monex account representatives are available between 5:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Pacific time each Monday through Friday (except national holidays) and on many weekends.

Contact us to learn more about how to buy 10 oz Silver Bullion Bars and discover why Monex has been a trusted name in coin and bullion trading for more than 50 years.

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One Kilo Silver Bullion Bars: FAQ's
How many grams of pure silver is in silver kilo bars?

1 kilo silver bullion bars contain 1,000 grams of pure 999 fine silver.

Is it better to buy silver in kilos or larger bars?

While larger bars typically carry lower premium percentages and therefore a lower cost per ounce, there are some disadvantages to investing in the largest bar you can afford. Firstly, and possibly most importantly, they cannot be divided should you need to sell a portion. Secondly, it can be more challenging to ship the largest bars. Thirdly, you may require an assay to sell your larger format bullion bar which could significantly delay liquidation.

Is there a minimum purchase of silver bullion bars?

There is a minimum purchase of three kilos of silver bullion.

What are the best silver bars to buy?

One of the most popular sizes of silver bullion bars is the 1 Kilo Silver Bar for its ability to offer lower premiums, yet great divisibility. This lower-cost efficient form of pure silver metal is also a great way for new and veteran investors entering the precious metals market to experience how precious metals move with markets.

What is the cost of silver kilo bars relative to coins?

Silver coins are often considered more aesthetically pleasing as they are usually designed with intricate and meaningful depictions. Though silver kilo bullion does not contain striking imagery, solid pure silver ingots are impressive in their own right and a welcomed addition to a precious metals portfolio. 32.15 ounces of pure silver bullion and 1-kilo coins may have the same intrinsic value, but investment-grade silver coins trade at a premium because of certain features like unique designs and being legal tender. Silver bullion bars are often the investment of choice because the owner buys more silver for a given amount purchased.