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Monex special offers and market reports are available to qualified inquirers with our compliments. Simply call 800-444-8317 and request the item(s) of your choice from a Monex account representative.

Free "Precious Metals For More Than Just Inflation" Report

Our report "Precious Metals For More Than Just Inflation", written by Managing Partner of CPM group, Jeffrey Christian, provides access to the latest informative facts, statistics, charts, and more useful information for investors who want to discover why a better future could await those that are holding precious metals in their investment portfolio."
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Silver on the Horizon Free Report

With the current uncertainty in the market, would now be the time to add silver into your portfolio? Call Monex for a free report about silver that answers questions such as “How is silver performing compared to gold?”, “How strong is a silver investment?”, and more helpful charts and insight into silver, one of the most volatile and popular metals.
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Free Silver with the Monex Referral Program

Want an easy way to get free silver? Simply refer a friend or associate to your Account Representative and once the person you referred has made a purchase, you will receive two 1 oz Silver Vienna Philharmonic coins for free. If your referral makes a purchase of over $10,000 you will receive a free 10 oz Silver Bar.
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Free CPM Group
"Market Outlook" Reports

What's ahead for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium? Find out through market analysis, charts, graphs, forecasts, and more in these in-depth market research reports, written exclusively for Monex customers and prospective customers by the highly-regarded precious metals research firm, the CPM Group.
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Call Now for a Free Report on Silver

Silver is one of the most volatile metals and has sometimes been referred to as the “miracle metal.” Learn more about this incredible metal in, “The Value of Silver, A Restless Metal,” an in-depth report about silver’s current and historic prices, why investors continue to invest in silver, and much more.
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Why You Should Own Physical Gold - Free Report

In this report, CPM Group Managing Partner, Jeffrey Christian, talks about the benefits of owning physical gold. He explains the subject of physical gold by saying, "Simply put, physical gold makes the most sense. Some of your physical gold should be in your own possession…” Read on by claiming your free report.
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Free Introduction to Owning Precious Metals

The Monex Atlas Account brochure explains the ABC's of precious metals investing. This informative guide shows you a number of different ways you can purchase gold, silver, platinum and palladium in both bullion and coin form from Monex. Discover these basics and more in this free informative booklet.
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